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Our 124 station national radio & media network put advertisers in front of our loyal audience. Get a free consultation with a marketing expert to discover opportunities for your type of products or services.

Looking for someone to help you with your ads? We are proficient copy writing and production. Experience the power of our radio b4roadcasting and mobile advertising. Contact us now!

We will help you to build an authentic community among your customers, employees, and partners through various types of interaction. We maximize your message through social media and content integration with our on air talent

Culturally Relevant Campaigns

Culturally Relevant Campaigns: We craft advertising campaigns that resonate deeply with African American listeners, incorporating culturally relevant content that enhances brand loyalty and connection.

We will build a well designed and properly executed content integration sales campaigns, which help your business to convert leads into paying customers faster and easier.

Partner with us for event sponsorships and promotions that directly engage with the African American community, offering interactive experiences and building positive brand associations.

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REJOICE! NETWORKS is a professional broadcast radio and digital marketing company which provides strategic marketing campaigns designed to our niche audience

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Beyond traditional radio spots, we offer a range of content platforms including special programming during key cultural moments, digital streaming with targeted ads, and sponsored community events.

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Looking for someone to help you with your ads? We are proficient in any kind of advertising.

REJOICE! NETWORKS is a professional broadcast radio and multimedia marketing content creator that target a valuable niche audience across America. Our agency was founded in 2005 by ABC Radio Networks and based in Dallas, Tx. CHS Enterprises relocated the network to Virginia Beach, Virginia after our acquisition in 2007

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We have a deep understanding of our listener habits and behaviors. We are committed to using fact-based knowledge and our unique brand of innovation to help you dominate the competition.